Welcome to Hong-Ik Insurance Agency,

We value your interest in Hong-Ik Insurance Agency and are eager to serve your insurance needs. We have been served Korean-American community in last 18 years, now we are ready to take it to the next level, new era for insurance agency. The laws and regulations of insurance have been changed rapidly and will change whenever it needs to. The adjustment would be needed when the changes are made. Therefore, we are ready to adapt and research to ensure you the same best service in the new decade our company is facing, innovate and update ourselves everyday to keep our reputation as well as our contribute to Korean-American communities in California.

What is insurance? We believe it's something that replaces one's value with same equivalent value in the cases of emergencies. Nonetheless, there is always something that cannot be replaced by anything in the world. Therefore, Hong-Ik Insurance Agency will do in our power to provide the protections at least for things that can be replaceable. Let us serve you next decade with same royalty that we've always had from the beginning.

Thank you.


Joseph Kong
CA License # 0G75504